We store machinery – steel coils and various other steel products along with Palletised goods and a variety of Industrial products.


Here at Road Freight Services, we understand that finding the storage you need for your company’s assets is vital, especially when it comes to the storage of expensive machinery, steel and other industrial items. Our West Midlands based industrial storage facilities are the best in the UK and offer a wide range of flexible solutions for those throughout a multitude of industry sectors.

No need to have your own warehouse!

Hiring or purchasing warehouse space can be a business expense that is too costly for some, but regardless of your company size or niche you can discover the machine storage, steel storage and industrial storage you need without the high price tag. By partnering with us, you only need to pay for the industrial storage space that you require, so whether you have large or small quantities of machinery, steel or industrial items to store we can guarantee an affordable option that is highly accessible.

Our warehouse is based in the heart of the country, and with nearby road links like the M6 and M5, and a number of local rail terminals based just a stone’s throw away from our covered storage facility, your goods can be transported easily and efficiently as well as being stored economically.

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Secure, efficient and available for short or long term hire, we are able to store a wide range of goods, including the machinery, steel coils and other steel products, palletised goods and additional industrial products that are essential to your growing business.


We also offer a managed, simplified logistics and general haulage service, so you can enjoy a complete service that works for your needs and your budget. Discuss your machine, steel and industrial storage requirements with our team today by calling 01902 677 257 or emailing us on

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